Khas Group of Industries is home to 5 distinguished companies rooted in five different sectors. Primarily, each of our companies builds on a speciality legacy while keeping an unwavering focus on the spectacular calibre of its products.

Khas Trading Company is the nation-wide leader in the furniture fittings and architectural hardware industry.

Kruddson Pvt. Ltd is the Pioneer in Aluminium Extrusion. The first company to introduce extrusion of Aluminium to Pakistan.

Khas Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd manufactures all kind of cotton ring and O/E (Open End) Yarn, maintaining the standards of the finest quality.

Fresh Eggloo eggs have the highest standards of taste and quality and are produced by the healthiest hens that are fed an all-natural, whole-grain diet.

Khas Socks and Knitwear is one of the leading socks manufacturers in Pakistan. We produce all kinds of best quality Socks and export them all over the world.

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Home Hardware Stores are home to 4 distinguished Stores rooted in 4 big cities of Pakistan. True to tradition, each of our store builds on a specialty legacy while keeping an unwavering focus on the exquisite caliber of its products. Khas Group of Industries strives to ensure the long-term development of each of its Companies in keeping with their identity, their heritage and their expertise.


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At Khas Group of Industries, we support our leadership culture through unique systems and policies which ensure open communication, foster an environment of employee and partner privacy, and guarantee the well-being and safety of our employees. Our core values form the basis of everything we do at Khas Industries; from formal decision making to how we conduct our business to spot awards and recognition. At Khas Industries we never forget what we stand for. Following are our core values:

Modern Design

Khas Industries believes in modernization, adopting the worlds best approach in the design and development of our products.

High Quality

We at Khas believe quality is everything, we don’t compromise on the material and the quality of the product.

Ultra Responsive

At Khas, we believe the timing is everything our responsive team is available 24/7 to answer queries and resolve customers’ feedbacks.


Hard work is the foundation upon which Khas Industries is built and the single most important element that has propelled our success in the market.


Passion runs through our veins, we’re passionate about our jobs, we are committed to our goals and aiming towards excellence.

Happiness & Health

Yes, we are health conscious for our team as well as for our customers. Khas Industries is constantly investing in eco-friendly technology and a healthy working environment.

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