Khas Group Of Industries incorporates five exceptional companies that produce high-quality products in their respective fields. The group began its operations by importing and supplying building hardware under the name of Khas Trading Company and later in 1980, stepped into aluminium profile manufacturing with the name of Kruddson Pvt. Ltd, with efficient processes, boosted its business resulting in the largest capacity of aluminium profiles. After the success of the two projects, the group decided to enter the textile industry under the name of Khas Textile Mills. It came into existence in the year 2001 with the product of Open-End initially. With the increase in demand in the local/international markets, it came up with a new product SPINNING in 2006. In 2013 the group launched its egg production unit under the name of Khas Farms, which is now one of the largest producers of fresh eggs in Pakistan. In 2016, taking advantage of already successful yarn production the group started producing 100% export-oriented socks under the names of khas Socks and Knitwear and supplies worldwide.


Khas Group is committed to the continual enhancement of customer value through the delivery of high-quality products. Our business ethos is founded on principles of fairness, ethics, and exemplary performance, ensuring that we consistently set industry standards through continuous development.


High Quality
Clear Communication
Planned Growth
Happiness & Health
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Khas Group envisions reshaping perceptions of quality, instilling confidence, satisfaction, trust, and loyalty across diverse cultures. Our company is built on an unwavering spirit to enhance harmony and foster mutual prosperity in our relationships with clientele.


Khas Group of Industries is one of Pakistan’s most progressive, growth-oriented organizations, yet we never forget where we came from. Our history is a part of who we are today. Our diverse range of companies represents our rich legacy of innovation and growth.


KRUDDSON (PVT) LTD, Situated at C-7 South Avenue, S.I.T.E., Karachi-Pakistan established in 1953 is the biggest & No. 1 Aluminium Extrusion factory of Pakistan having sales offices all over Pakistan.

Aluminium Doors and Windows - kruddson Pvt. Ltd