Khas, a well-known group, commenced its operations under the brand name of KGI (Khas Group of Industries). We have been serving Pakistan since the year 1969 by importing the building hardware under the name of Khas Trading Pvt. Ltd. Later in 1980, the group planned to have a diversified portfolio and started its own Aluminum Industry, which was referred to as Khas Aluminum Pvt. Ltd. With efficient processes and teamwork, it boosted its business resulting in the largest capacity of Aluminum amounting to 1350 Tons. The acquiring turned into a great achievement when Kruddson had a joint venture in Bangladesh, which is now operating under the name of KAI. After having the success of two projects, we followed the Pakistani trend and stepped into the textile sector, and proved ourselves the best manufacturer of textiles under the name of Khas Textile Mills. It came into existence in the year 2001 with the product of “Open End” initially, maintaining the standards of the finest quality. With the increase in demand in the local/international market, it came up with a new product “SPINNING” in 2006 which is continuously strengthening the company’s potential.


Khas group of industries has a fundamental mission to constantly strive towards enhancing customer value by delivering high-quality products at the best prices. Our company is synonymous with fair business practices, ethics & performance, through continuous development which sets standards in industries. We are simply providing a solution for a future of success.


Khas Group of Industries has a prospective vision of transforming the way people perceive quality & inspiring confidence, satisfaction, trust, and loyalty among the community across cultures. Our company is based on its relentless spirit & improve harmony & mutual prosperity in its relation to its clientele.


Khas Group of Industries is one of Pakistan’s most progressive, growth-oriented organizations, yet we never forget where we came from. Our history is a part of who we are today. Our diverse range of companies represents our rich legacy of innovation and growth.


KRUDDSON (PVT) LTD, Situated at C-7 South Avenue, S.I.T.E., Karachi-Pakistan established in 1953 is the biggest & No. 1 Aluminium Extrusion factory of Pakistan having sales offices all over Pakistan.

Aluminium Doors and Windows - kruddson Pvt. Ltd


Khas Group of Industries supports our leadership culture through unique systems and policies which ensure open communication, foster an environment of employee and partner privacy, and guarantee the well-being and safety of our employees. Our core values form the basis of everything we do; from formal decision making to how we conduct our business to spot awards and recognition. We never forget what we stand for. Following are our core values:

Modern Design

We believes in modernization, adopting the world’s best approach in the design and development of our products

Ultra Responsive

We don’t leave any page unturned to facilitate our customers, our responsive team is available 24/7 to answer queries and resolve customers’ feedbacks.


Passion runs through our veins, we’re passionate about our jobs, we are committed to our goals and aiming towards excellence.

High Quality

Quality is integral to our everyday practice, we don’t compromise on the material and the quality of our products.


Hard work is the key upon which we have built our foundation and the single most important element that has propelled our success in the market.

Happiness & Health

Yes, we are health conscious for our team as well as for our customers. We are constantly investing in eco-friendly technology and a healthy working environment.