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It is the dream of every person to have a beautiful home equipped with up to date innovations, keeping this thing in mind Khas Group of industries through its well-reputed company named Khas Trading Companies imports up-to-date world-class builders hardware products and supplies in all over Pakistan through its chain of modern outlets named Home Hardware Stores.

Hardware stores of Khas Group are always equipped with a wide range of latest collection of following categories of products in best prices.

Bathroom hardware

Bathroom hardware includes the products that are used in constructing and maintaining the bathroom appearance and decoration. Bathroom products include faucets, showers, holders, tubs, shelves, mirrors etc.

Door hardware

All those products that are used either in door decoration, maintenance, or in any other function come under door hardware, such as door handles, fasteners, hinges, hooks, number plates, knockers, etc.

Furniture hardware

Furniture hardware are those products that are used to support the furniture look, design and durability. Furniture hardware products include furniture frames, furniture legs, furniture arms, etc.

Safety & security hardware

 Buildings, goods and their occupants needs protection from fire, intruders, and other external agents. Proper protection systems include fire safe security system, home monitoring, smoke detectors, locksets, window guards, etc.

Cabinet hardware

The products that are used to make cabinets working come under cabinet hardware like cabinet fasteners, brackets, latches, hinges, pulls, locks, etc. Cabinet hardware are small components that make cabinets functional. These products are made of materials like plastics, metals and maybe glasses.

Window hardware

Window hardware does not include window itself rather they are smaller components that are used to install, fix and protect windows, such as window extrusions, fasteners, handles, hinges, locks and many more.

Curtain hardware

Curtain hardware includes products like hooks, curtain rings, curtain finials, etc. These products are used to hang curtain at doors, windows, verandas, etc. Curtain hooks and poles are used to handle and move the curtains. Curtain hardware products are made of varieties of materials including metals and plastics. Mostly aluminum and iron are used for making rings, hooks, rods and poles.